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Founded on the basis of Professor Peter Roberts' research into the micro-business gap in Atlanta, our student research team continues to explore trends and generate insights into a variety of topics in the impact investing landscape.

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By Danielle Ayad, Freya Fang, Anushree Jain, Janhavi Minocha, Neel Mirani

By Graham Crain, Fizza Rehman, Caroline Sikuta, Stanson Wu, and Josh Yoo

By Zach Feldman, Aryan Gourisaria, George Souza, and Jack Xu

By Will Farren, Varun Khanna, Gabe Olesky, and Ethan Ng

By Karl Niu, Aneeka Patel, Yogini Patel, Jonathan Ross

By Maddie Abramson, Hailey Nusbaum, Steven Si, and Haosi Shen

By Val Berenshtein, Drew Colman, Siyana Popova, and Eric Yang

By Rebecca Chao, Laura Denick, Jocelyn Fan, Michelle Lee, and Jinghong Peng

By Jack Bendik, Bill Ding, Ryan Lammers, Andrew Liao, and Sara Wang

By Sasha Hakimian, Renee Kim, Rachel Lee, Dallas Lim, and Audrey Yang

By Varun Nadella, Ashvin Suresh, and Mayu Yamakawa

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