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Our Mission & History

As Emory’s only undergraduate impact investing group, we aim to close the micro-business gap through short-term debt investments to entrepreneurs in the Atlanta community.


We provide microloans ranging from $5k-15k to local entrepreneurs who lack access to capital.

Our aim is to close the micro-business gap in historically underserved communities by increasing the number of successful small businesses.

We direct our efforts in pursuit of this goal by providing early-stage financing, knowledge, and networks necessary for the sustainable growth of a business.



Emory Impact Investing Group was founded in 2014 with the intent to bridge micro-business gaps in the metro Atlanta area. 

As shown through the research of Dr. Peter Roberts, at Emory University, Goizueta Business School, there is little difference in the number of large businesses between historically low- and high- poverty residential neighborhoods. However, there is a substantial gap in the number of micro-businesses per capita in high-poverty neighborhoods.


To unlock the full economic potential of these communities, EIIG was built to provide the most promising micro-entrepreneurs the business tools, network access, and early-stage financing needed to develop their businesses.

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