Our Entrepreneurs


Jahari Soward

My eSTEAM Kits

My eSTEAM Kits is an enterprise focused on producing STEAM-themed boxes and curriculum for children ages 8-12. They offer engaging and educational activities that help increase children’s curiosity, awareness, and engagement in science-related topics and encourage them to pursue careers in STEAM.


Kevin Rodgers

SHWAXX Laboratories, LLC

SHWAXX is a personal care company, focusing on Hair Butters, Creams, Pomades & Gels. The company's inspiration was rooted in softening rough/coarse beards, something Kevin was all too familiar with standing behind his barber chair for over 32 years, but quickly grew into hydrating, softening and styling all textures of hair.


Akissi Stokes


WUNDERgrubs is a bakery that leverages protein-rich mealworms through traditional snacks (cookies, granola bars, protein powder) to deliver increased nutritional gain to every customer. WUNDERgrubs's mission is to promote the reception of food security by channels of sustainable food sources.


Tangie Wilson

Simply Doyenne Organic Juices

Simply Doyenne Organic Juice produces organic, cold-pressed blends made with nutrient-rich ingredients.

Simply Doyenne juices offer healthy, organic alternatives to sugar-filled beverages, and have been used to address health challenges such as anemia.


Carla Bailey

Carla's Boutik

Carla’s Boutik shares, explores and embraces cultural diversity through an eclectic fusion of fashion, art and beauty for women and men from around the globe. Originally carrying silver jewelry from Quebec, it now offers “global infused style” from every continent but Antarctica, including jewelry humanely made from animal horns, bones, and shells.


Eden Fesshazion

Eden Fesshazion, LLC

Eden Fesshazion is an Atlanta-based attorney, specializing in immigration, family law, and personal injury. In combination with EIIG consulting teams, Eden has made great strides in expanding her business by increasing the breadth of her practice areas and clientele. 

Terri-Nichelle Bradley Portrait.jpg

Terri Nichelle-Bradley

Brown Toy Box

Brown Toy Box is an Atlanta-based subscription toy box company that produces STE[A]M-themed activity boxes for children ages 4-12.

Each box highlights careers in STE[A]M that offer high salaries, economic mobility, and a strong quality of life, and includes a representative book, interactive activity, fact sheet, and toy.

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Doris Mukangu

Johari Africa

Johari Africa seeks to empower African refugee women with strength and dignity by employing them to produce traditional African clothing and accessories. Johari sells eco-friendly items such as handbags, dresses, jewelry and more that celebrate the African cultures of the women who create them.


Nicole Massiah

Krumbz, LLC

Nicole Massiah was EIIG’s first loan recipient. She is a New York native who has been passionate about baking since childhood. She started Krumbz Bakery, a bakery in Atlanta, after making her own wedding cake, and her business has been flourishing ever since! Krumbz is dedicated to providing desserts that are extraordinary in taste and looks.