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Our Process

$5k-15k loans, low interest rate, 3-year term, no credit score required

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Our process is two-fold: we foster and build relationships with entrepreneurs through our loan process, while also emphasizing the membership experience for students in our organization.

EIIG partners with several accelerators within the Atlanta community to come into contact with promising entrepreneurs whose businesses provide tangible community impact. 

Member Engagement

As a differentiator among our organizational structure and culture, we provide a dynamic outlet to give back to the community, while building long-lasting connections and a diverse network. In the process, members gain transferable skills and experiences. 


  1. Development (Entrepreneur Sourcing)

  2. Due Diligence

  3. Consulting

Additional Information

The EIIG loan fund provides micro-loans between $5,000 and $15,000 at a low-interest rate for the 3-year repayment term during which our team provides consulting services to you. These consulting services consist of regular bi-weekly calls over the 3 years. Before you can receive a loan, a due diligence team examines your business during a 3-6 month process. This means the funds, assuming one makes it past the due diligence process, will be disbursed anywhere from 7-10 months after filling out our application.

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