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Growing Atlanta,
One Small Business
At a Time


We strive to provide our members with tangible skills, meaningful relationships, and unique experiences gained through our work within the Emory and Atlanta community.


We serve local, early-stage entrepreneurs from historically underserved communities have a concrete business plan to create tangible impact within their community.


"...impact investing represents a significant opportunity to bring the innovation, incentives and resources from business to the social sector."

-The Case Foundation

Current News

Loan Application Update:

Our Winter 2023 Application is currently open until 11/30 and can be found here.

EIIG typically partners with businesses: that are below 250k in revenue, socially impactful (this could either be through stimulating the local economy and providing employment opportunities or through the work you do), based in Atlanta, and currently producing revenue (still fill out this application if you believe that you have an alternative form of income that will allow you to repay a loan). 

The EIIG loan fund provides: micro-loans between $5,000 and $15,000 at a low-interest rate (4% cap) for the ~3-year repayment term during which our team provides consulting services. These consulting services consist of regular bi-weekly calls over the loan repayment. Before you can receive a loan, a due diligence team examines your business during a 3-6 month process. This means the funds would be disbursed anywhere from 4-7 months from the day the application closes, assuming completion of the due diligence process.


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